Centennial Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

McCoy, VA 24111

June 2009

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Remember in Prayer…

Those individuals on our weekly prayer list who are sick or recovering from a sickness, those who have lost loved ones, members of our church who are confined to their homes or in nursing homes, our church and community, our minister and church leaders, those who are traveling, our military in Iraq as well as others serving around the world. In all of these situations may God’s will be done.


General Board Meeting

The next scheduled General Board meeting is Sunday, June 14th following the morning worship service. If you have any concern that needs to be brought to the attention of the board, please let a board member know or come to the meeting.


A Special Welcome to...

our newest member and child of Christ, Olivia Ligon. She was baptized on Sunday, May 10th. We are so blessed to have her as a member of our church family. Olivia is finishing the 6th grade at Blacksburg Middle School.


A Message from the Church Mouse

John 13:34 – “A new command I give you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”   WOW!  We are to love as God has loved us.  Are you showing and following that example to your children, family and friends?


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have trouble even pretending to show love to someone I don’t like very much.  I have to admit that often I hold my contempt for other inside and then take it all out on my family.  What am I thinking?


Jesus tell us to even “…love our enemies.”  I know this may seem hard, but not when you think of how much the Father loves you.  Just in case you haven’t looked in the mirror recently, let me remind you that none of us are perfect – even you!  But God still loves us and He wants us to show His love to the world.


You know, our children learn to love and know the love of God by the way we behave.  It is so important to follow this commandment.


So, the next time someone is a little hard to be around, bite your tongue and remember this commandment.  Love that person from God through the Holy Spirit.  What a blessing it will be.


Much Love My Church Family,

          The Church Mouse





Heritage Hall Ministry

The next scheduled day to sing is Tuesday, June 16th. The singing usually starts around 6:45 PM. Please come and join in this ministry as it is a blessing to the residents as well as those who come to sing and sit with them.


Committee Corner

From Property – The new bathtub has been installed and the bathroom is close to completion of the sheetrock. Alternatives are being considered for the ceiling  and walls in the master bathroom.  Anyone who is able is encouraged to come and contribute his/her talents to this effort.


It is that time of the year again where the lawn mowers and weed eaters become the tools of the  season. The mowing schedule for the month of June:

Week of June 1st: Gary Scott and Kevin Scott

Week of June 8th: Randy Crockett, Ray Decker, and Jason Hale

Week of June 15th: Tiny Croy, Kaleb Shrader, and Scot Thomas

Week of June 22nd: Bob Hudson and Robby Hudson

Week of June 29th: Gary Scott and Kevin Scott


From Membership/Worship   The National Day of Prayer was observed on Thursday, May 7th.  Thanks to all of those who prayed at church or at home to join our nation during this special day of prayer.


Mother’s Day was celebrated on May 10th during the morning worship service.  Arlena Nickle and Al Sublett, read poems to honor the mothers and women of our church family.  The children also made posters to tell what they loved about their moms. 


We remembered those who served for our Nation’s country on Memorial Day and recognized the members of our congregation who are veterans.


The membership/worship committee met on May 26th, to plan the following events for the next few months, pending General Board approval.


June 21st ~ Father’s Day Recognition

August 3rd – 7th ~ Vacation Bible School

August 9th ~ Homecoming, Potluck Luncheon

September 13th ~ Grandparents Day Recognition

October 31st ~ Halloween Party (during the afternoon)

We hope to have the Sounds of Glory gospel quartet sing during September or October.


Mark these dates on your calendar and if you would like to help with any of these events or services, please contact Karen Hudson or Norma Decker.         


The Membership/Worship committee will be meeting again in September, to plan upcoming activities and events for our church family.


From Evangelism/Outreach The committee is continuing its work with local outreach in several areas. The collection of canned goods for the local food bank organizations continues. Also, in the near future, we plan on a couple of projects to assist both the Women’s Resource Center as well as the Caring Pregnancy Center. The committee also welcomes any suggestions from the congregation.


This note was in the last edition but it is being run again. As many of you know, we have had a young lady, Carmen Haines, on our prayer list for several months. Because of heart-related ailments, Carmen had been hospitalized in Charlottesville at UVA for several months. With the help of email, we experienced the “ups” and “downs” that she and her family endured over the course of that time. On March 30th, Carmen finally came home to Riner to continue her rehabilitation. Even though she is home, she stills requires homecare and, with that, her medical expenses continue. Many have asked how to make a contribution to help them with these medical expenses. If you would like to help, the family has opened an informal trust. You can make your check payable to:


Carmen Jones Haines Medical Fund

c/o Suntrust Bank

Tyler & Main Teller

P.O. Box 1210

Radford, VA  24143


Youth Group Information



Stay tuned for the events coming up during the summer months.


Days to Remember in June

Wednesday, June 3rd – 7:00 PM Bible Study

Wednesday, June 10th – Tiny Croy – birthday; Brenda Linkous - birthday; 7:00 PM Bible Study

Thursday, June 11th – Joyce Sheppard – birthday

Tuesday, June 16th – Singing at Heritage Hall – 6:45 PM

Wednesday, June 17th – Loretta Albert – birthday; 7:00 PM Bible Study

Friday, June 19th – Carolyn and Scot Thomas – anniversary

Saturday, June 20th – Mary and Jack Nickle – anniversary

Monday, June 22nd – Peggy Quarterman – birthday; Karen and Robby Hudson – anniversary

Wednesday, June 24thBecca and Kevin Scott – anniversary; 7:00 PM Bible Study

Sunday, June 28th – Jackie Bianco – birthday

Monday, June 29thBecca Scott – birthday; Carolyn Thomas – birthday; Cindy and Kevin Shrader – anniversary; Kay and Al Sublett - anniversary


Serving during June

Serving at the Lord's Table: Ray Decker, Lisa Smith, Barbara Shaver, Kevin Scott, and Bob Hudson; Alternates: Peggy Quarterman and Randy Crockett

Acolytes:        June 7th – Bailey Prosser and Jake Scott

                        June 14th – Kristin Ashleman and Austin Nickle

                        June 21st – Jack Redifer and Andrew Thomas

                        June 28th – Diana Nickle and Ryan Hale





Happy Father’s Day